Food Does Not Talk



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Kitty Stryker is so hungry and Quin is just the right size meal for her. Kitty examines Quin's body, admiring all of her favorite parts, her mouth waters as she fondles the breast meat and thighs. Kitty's tummy is rumbling and she needs to eat now! She decides to start with the feet, but as soon as she begins to chomp Quin says "Please don't eat me!" Kitty looks down at her and says, "Meat doesn't talk, be quiet." the big and beautiful Kitty gobbles up Quin's legs and the blonde continues to beg for her life, but Kitty's hunger will not allow for stopping. As Quin's body becomes less and less she realizes just how much easier her life will be inside Kitty's belly and that maybe being food for another person isn't so bad. Kitty washes down her big meal with a few gulps from her soda and lets out a loud burp. BBW - FEEDER - FEEDEE - TATTOOS - BITING - LIPSTICK FETISH - FOOD STUFFING Featuring Kitty Stryker and Miss Quin