Punish the Priest



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Sister Quin and Sister Raquel have a tough job on their hands, they discovered troublesome photos and videos on the computer of their Priest and now they must confront him. He tries to deny it at first, but this angers the Nuns, they knee him in the crotch and push him to the ground. Sister Quin and Raquel stomp on his body with their bare feet, having faith that this punishment and ordering him to delete the wicked content on his computer will cure him. They step on his face and put their full weight on him, kicking his stomach and cock repeatedly. The Priest begs them to stop, they jump on him and grind their feet into his body. The Nuns do not stop until he apologizes for his evil actions. BAREFOOT - FOOT DOMINATION - RELIGIOUS - FACE STANDING - CBT - TOE WIGGLING - TRAMPLING Featuring Raquel Roper , Jason Ninja and Miss Quin