Breathless Beauties Kitty Layla Quin



American / Florida
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Miss Quin and Layla Moore have the tiny and helpless Kitty Come all to themselves and they both want control of this cute girl's lungs. Kitty is nervous about this, she doesn't like the idea of giving up her precious breath. Quin clamps a hand over Kitty's mouth and pinches her nose closed, Kitty wiggles and tries to get away but Layla has such a strong hold on her that it is impossible. Layla has a turn taking away Kitty's breath and she loves it. Alternating hand over mouth and nose pinching Layla and Quin have so much fun with Little Kitty until she is no longer squirming. "Ohhhh, she's asleep!" Quin says, "now the REAL fun begins!" BBW DOMINATION - NOSE PINCHING - HAND OVER MOUTH - REDHEAD - STRUGGLING - THREE GIRLS - SMOTHER FETISH Featuring: Layla Moore, Kitty Come, and Miss Quin