Premature Problem You are Pathetic



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You must feel like the luckiest guy ever to be standing in front of your two favorite women, Maya Sinstress and Miss Quin. You are so hard right now and they have not even said anything to you yet. This is embarrassing! You hope they somehow do not notice, but of course they do. The women notice immediately and begin teasing you. "Why don't you start stroking" You know what will happen if you stroke for them, your most embarrassing secret will be revealed to your two favorite women. You do not want this to happen. You're such a quick cummer that you have never been able to keep a lover and that's why you spend so much time watching Maya and Quin, you don't want them to know! However you cannot disobey their order so you begin stroking a pathetic three little strokes and you cum. Maya and Quin are not kind to you, did you really expect them to?. FEMALE DOMINATION - LAUGHING - JERK OFF ENCOURAGEMENT - EMBARRASSMENT - CFNM - CUM TASTING INSTRUCTION Featuring Maya Sinstress and Miss Quin