Krystal and Quin Wedgie over a date



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Krystal and Quin are having a chat during their free time. Quin is so excited about a date she's having with a beautiful young woman named Ashley with long red hair. Apparently, Krystal knows Ashley and they have been dating for a while. Quin is pissed. "She's not going to want to date you ever again"! Quin pulls Krystal's panties up in a painful wedgie. Krystal cries out and seeks revenge by giving Quin and even worse wedgie. These brats call each other horrible names and continue to stretch, rip and tear each other's undies until only one can be declared the winner. WEDGIES - PANTY FETISH - UP SKIRT - LESBIAN - UNIFORMS - PIGTAILS - CONFRONTATION - ASS FETISH - BRAT GIRLS - ASS SMACKING Featuring Krystal Orchid and Miss Quin