Fetish Friday

Dont Use it Lose it



American / Florida
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You have a real problem. You are addicted to masturbation. Vicky and Quin do not think you can stop this without their help. So they have brought a cock cage for you to wear and you will be unable to touch yourself at all. No cheating! You will be trapped once the lock is in place. You will be in cock jail. You will be chastity for an entire year. One key goes to Quin the other to Vicky. Your cock might just shrivel up from lack of use. There's only one thing for the girls to do once the cage is off. Snip it right off with a big pair of scissors. You don't deserve a cock. CHASTITY - FEMALE DOMINATION - COCK TEASE - BLONDES - GELDING - CASTRATION FANTASY Featuring Vicky Vixxx, Miss Quin