Cruel Foot Treatment for Dragon



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Before they go out on their date, Quin admits to Dragon that she wants to try something with her. "We can do anything you want," Dragon says. Quin nervously admits that she wants to worship Dragon's feet. Dragon agrees with a smile. Quin pulls her feet up into her lap and begins sucking on Dragon's toes, licking her soles and making Dragon swoon from the pleasure. Suddenly Quin cannot help herself and she chomps down on Dragon's toe making her shout, "What is wrong with you?" Dragon exclaims. Quin with all of her beauty and charm begins licking and kissing the wounded toe, Dragon forgives her, but Quin cannot control her desire to bite for much longer.... BITING - BAREFOOT - TOE SUCKING - WRINKLED SOLES - TEETH MARKS - JEANS FETISH Featuring Dragon and Miss Quin