Ringleader Transformation



American / Florida
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Quin is a beautiful blonde with tight tits, glorious wide hips and a big ass dressed in heels and lingerie. She should feel so sexy but something about the outfit just doesn't feel right. She craves something.......more. Quin removes her heels and begins touching herself, as she strokes her clit faster and her heart begins to pound she feels the change begin. Her body tingles and her skin begins to turn pale, arousing her even more. The white skin spreads on her chest and neck she coughs uncontrollably. The more she teases herself with her fingers the pale flesh spreads up to her face, a round pink nose appears, her ass grows larger. She chuckles and masturbates harder, she wants to orgasm with the changes. Moaning and hysterical laughter come out of her throat. When the transformation is complete, the Ringleader is left with a wet leotard and a few items missing. The Ringleader puts on her coat, hat and perfect boots. "Enough of this silly human nonsense, " she says adjusting her hat. "I have a Circus to run." CLOWNS - COUGHING - EYE CROSSING - LEOTARD FETISH - MASTURBATION - LAUGHING - TRANSFORMATION FETISH