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I’m a Beautiful Bratty Goddess and I don’t have to work. “As if “ would ever go out and get a job doing manual labor or serving people! That’s what you are for. You work hard while I play. I spend My days doing whatever I please, I sle.ep in when I want, I go to the spa, shopping, take a nap, plan my next vacation etc. I have time to do whatever I want and the possibilities are endless each day. I was born a Goddess you were born to be My slave. It’s so perfectly balanced. I love love love that you work so hard for that money. I deserve a life of luxury. I’m Flawless, Perfect, Entitled, Bratty, Snobby and Stuck Up and always get what I want. You don’t take vacations, you don’t take days off you work work work for Me. You Exist to be my cash dispensing machine…. personal shopping slave…. and My bitch. You were meant to be worshiping and adoring Me. I give your Pathetic Existence meaning. I give you purpose…. otherwise you would be nothing. ***Clip Features: Financial Domination, Titworship, Arrogant, Bratgirl