Maja meets Karola Compilation No 3


Maja Magic

German / Bigtittywonderland
22:08 min - Jan 17 - .MP4 - 1.24 GB


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This video compilation shows the best scenes of 4 clips with giant boobed Karola. In the first scene Maja measures Karolas tits in different ways. Obviously its not easy to do it the right way. But we try and get some spectacular results that will help you to imagine Karolas most amazing dimensions. In the second scene Karola boards a whirl pool. She wears a black bathing suit and shows her amazing curves. The warm water caresses her skin, she smiles and flirts with the camera and slips down the straps. Bubbling water and a lot of jiggling, squeezing and swaying of giant wet tits. Would you like to join and wash these monsters? The third scene: More jiggling of fabulous giant boobs in bubbling warm water. It's spectacular for admirers to watch Karola play, squeezing, bouncing, uplifting mountains of breast meat and making them slide into the whirls again. Would you join and cling to her floating life rafts? In the last scene of this amazing compilation Karola and Maja play together in a king-size four-poster bed, snuggling and kneading each others tits. Maja has some experience with hugeness but it's no ordinary task to handle Karola's heavy boobflesh. Seems like they can't stop chatting and giggling when they lay there breast to breast, two supersized mature cheerful goddesses of your chubby chasing dreams. GERMAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES