Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Cheating with a BBC on Skype huge facial

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British / LONDON
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Snowbunnyy deleted Mar 15 2016

Hi do u wanna be in the contest with me an another girl it's called Interracial Minaj

shaunjgym Mar 25 2016
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My first BBC / cheating girlfriend clip from Tiff , that tight blue dress and Loub's are so sexy . Followed to perfection and she added some more dialogue which made it even better she puts a lot into her clips , the chemistry between these two really shows . 10/10 doesn't do her justice , she's stunning really easy to deal with leading up to the custom , glad other viewers love it to , it's brilliant clip . thanks Tiff xx

Karl Hungus Mar 3 2016
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Such a sexy little cheating Size Queen you are! This clip is amazing!

Stiffy86 deleted Jan 25 2016
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MissTiff is sexy as fuck to begin with but add in a BBC and watch her show you what she really can do.... Absolutely love the cumshot at the end, gorgeous girl covered in cum... I'd give this 10 stars if I could

kaesoner Jan 18 2016
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Absolutely loved this video, big props to Shaun for requesting this video and scenario...and thanks for uploading his custom clip onto here for all of us to enjoy as well. Tiffany was amazing as always, there is nothing better than seeing her loving a big black cock. You and that bbc make a great combo, please dont stop making videos like this.

edgeaddict - Top reviewer Sep 22
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Always such a turn on seeing You service a big black cock, Goddess?

sebtisebti Oct 8 2016
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Great story.
But I should say that sucking and fucking BBC isn't cheating.

Custom clip scenario : You are going to Skype me from the hotel room as I have paid for a birthday spa weekend for you and some girlfriends (you have your BBC present in the room but not visible while we chat) , we finish the call but you forget to close the connection and then you start sucking him ending with a heavy facial you only realise the connection is live still after you have cum all down your face and lips Please dress really slutty in the shortest tightest dress you have , no panties but a push up bra , finally latex boots if you have them As before please use my name a lot to keep it personal Although playing the role of slutwife could you please act all innocent until you start the action with the BBC . Perhaps start by thanking me for the present and how you are looking forward to seeing me tomorrow so we can go shopping with my credit card to max out . (I walked in on you sucking off a black guy in the gym changing room recently) so can you say that "you are glad you forgave me Shaun and say you aren't tempted again , actually there was a black guy in the sauna today and his massive 12inch tool was bulging through his swim trunks but I resisted so you have nothing to worry about" but say with a smirk I say on Skype is that the new dress I bought you ? your not wearing that out are you ? : can you say "c'mon Shaun don't my 32G fake tits look great in it barely keeps them under control" (then squeeze and cup together hard) , perhaps I should put a G-string on though it's very short and clingy" I then then say on skype to you that your skin is looking great : can you say "yes Shaun I have had some of the best and heaviest facials here and in fact hopefully getting another one tonight , yummy " perhaps wink after the word yummy Then say you must go and pretend to close the connection Can you please then suck your stud off , can you act this out while he is standing and your on your knees (like BBC bathroom clip) , leave this to you but could you mock me to your stud and talk while it's in your mouth please and then finish with a heavy facial (could you possibly film my clip first so it's a heavy load) . you then realise the connection is still live , in a innocent mocking tone could you say "sorry Shaun baby couldn't resist but to won't happen again baby but could you blame me it's a fucking python of a cock" Finish by saying " don't worry Shaun please don't be upset , we have got you a little souvenir sweetie" then wipe his spunk into thong and wipe off his cock with it