She Shows How She Will Prepare Eat You

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A hot blonde is standing in front of a bench and she has on display an array of sharp objects. She explains that she can do really whatever she likes to you as she is all powerful and could even shrink you if she wanted too. But, this time she has you bound and in your POV she intends on being a butcher of sorts, with you as her specimen. See, she is hungry so she wants to eat, and you are one the menu today. But, she wants a lot of food so she wants to slice and dice at her will and eat some of you now, and then save a lot for later. She uses each utensil at her disposal, which includes kitchen sheers, a butcher-knife, a meat cleaver, and a fillet-knife to show you and explains in fine detail what she will do with each one. She will methodically dismantle you, but let you be alive as she does. She will eat things like your finger tips as she goes, but then fillet bigger pieces of you to save for later in vaccu-seal bags. She even talks penectomy once she get to your cock and balls. It all adds up to you being her food. She gets hungrier and hungrier as she talks and even gets turned on. In the end, she decides not to wait and goes up to you to end it all quick. She needs food now, so why wait? Included in this clip: Vore, Fantasy, Food Fetish, Penectomy, Eating, Cut Up, Describe Eating You, She Eat You, Eating You, Blonde