STROKE to My Chenille Socks JOI

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I LOVE to watch you Squirm and Crawl to be at My ROYAL Feet. Today I want you to Beg Me, Convince Me that there is no other place you would rather be than down at My Royal Feet between My High Arches Experiencing My Expensive Chenille Socks Gliding up and down your Face Caressing your Cheeks and Face…..Smothering you. I am also going to allow you to Stroke your Cock while you Kiss every inch of My Feet and Socks Worshipping them. It’s going to feel Euphoric as I guide you on exactly how to stroke your Cock. I will give you a Cum Countdown when I see you loosing control for ME. Lucky you! Assume the position on your knees and get ready to be My Sock Slave!