Working off my debt to a BBC pimp

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British / LONDON
7,512 5.0
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blkBull4WhtCpls Jul 12 2017

No condoms with BBCs please!

manyker - Top reviewer Jul 12 2017
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Hot video. Recommend it!

edgeaddict - Top reviewer Sep 22
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Work it good, Goddess!

twistingtiger - Top reviewer May 31 2016
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MissTiff comes across as such a huge slut in what has to be one of the best interracial videos on manyvids!

Tiffany is away on a hen do and is getting ready to go out with the girls. She has just finished doing her hair and make up in the hotel room. She is wearing a white hotel dressing gown with panties and a bra underneath. She looks at her watch and realises that she has another two hours to spare and decides to read. She is barefoot with bright pink varnish on her feet. Her phone rings and its her husband on the other end who sounds like he is in a panic . Tiffany tells him to slow down and calm down on the phone. Then This is what you say improvising the conversation " What.. How much do we owe them babe ?.. pause for his reply... I thought last month was the last payment? again pause... Where the hell are we going to get £20K from??? ... They will waive the payment if we do what???? .. pause.. If I let him Fuck me ?? pause.. Are you serious ??.. So either we both end up hurt or I let this bastard fuck me however he wants and then this is all over?? If this is the only way what fucking choice do I have... ?? pause... Yes as long as he promises to end it after this and not to ever contact us again... I have 2 hours just give him my hotel address and room number and tell him I'm waiting.. Just tell him to hurry up and get this done I just want this over with once and for all. Tiffany hangs up.. Scene fades Scene 2 the Fuck from hell Scene starts and there is a knock on Tiffany's hotel door. You anxiously opens it and a masked black man enters. " Please Shaft you can do whatever you want to me but just be gentle ok" you say.. Shaft puts his hand to his lips and rips off your dressing gown. He tosses you on the bed and sees you have your computer on. He tells you he is going to film this so you can show your husband the damage he has done.He tells you to get up and turn the camera / video recording on.. you beg him not to but he spanks your ass hard and tells you not to disobey him. You then (improvise turning laptop etc on) and set up the camera. (this will enable you and him to adjust the camera throughout however you need it to be done to film the scene without it looking like its not part of the story). Then please do the following in a mix of POV and a normal camera view... - He gets you to lie face down and starts working on the soles of your feet. He licks them, tickles them, licks the soles thoroughly, tickles them some more - He takes off his trousers and boxers and gets you to give him a footjob - He gets you to suck his enormous cock. You beg him to be gentle but he doesnt listen and rough with you - he picks you up and turns you upside down (if he can) and gets you to suck his dick while he licks your pussy - He throws you back on the bed and asks you where your bag is.. He rumages through your bag and finds your anal toys in there " Still the same old filthy Tiffany you used to be eh..." He tells you to bend over on all fours and rims your ass.. spreads the hole.. finger fucks it.. lubes it and then fucks you with a toy until you cum - He then enters you from behind in doggy and pounds away while he penetrates your ass with a toy. You orgasm very loudly. He takes away the toy and continues to pound you while he holds your feet and rubs his thumbs over the soles of them. He pulls your hair and spanks your ass - He gets you to sit on his dick while he films you POV - you ride him both ways - He then fucks you standing while you are facing the computer and then turns the camera so it shows a different view of him fucking you while standing - He fucks you missionary and (this is a must please) tickles your feet while he fucks you - He then grabs you by the hair and gets you to kneel down and suck his balls while he wanks himself off. He finishes with a huge explosion in your face - You then ask him if he's got what he needed. He says no not yet and grabs you by the hair and takes you into the bathroom. " I ain't finished with you yet " he says as the scene ends.