Celibating Cuckold



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You've had that chastity cage with you for a while but we haven't officially used it. I need you to put it on now before you get harder. Now that you have it on, let's talk about cuckolding. Have you ever been cuckolded before? No? Imagine us having dinner at your apartment, having fun, watching a movie, laughing... having a good chemistry. Then, all off a sudden, a good looking friend of mine comes over to your apartment and starts making out with me. Imagine him and I torridly kissing and fondling in front of you. Then he starts to undress me and I take off his pants & shirt. I drag him to the bedroom while you stay in the kitchen, continuing to clean our mess from dinner. We started having sex in YOUR bedroom as you get curious and start watching the hot action. You start getting a boner from us fucking. I know you were watching us, but I was laughing at you while you're jerking off on the side from our hot steamy sex. And there's nothing you can do to stop us from fucking in your own bed.
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