Mommy Indulges Sons Leather Fetish


Maggie Green

American / USA
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Come in here, son. I've been noticing your behavior lately and I'm not too pleased about it. Whenever I wear my leather outfits, you seem really nervous around me. I even catch you staring when I bend over in my leather skirt, Then I found these photos on your phone, you took pictures of me in this exact outfit! I want to know, what are you doing with secret photos of your mother? It's not normal for you to jerk off to mommy, I'm a little upset if that's what you've been doing. And I can see by the bulge in your pants, that you like mommy's leather outfits don't you? You dirty little man! I'm going to sit down and tease you with my bare pussy under this skirt, that's what you've been wanting to see isn't it? Mommy's shaved pussy under her leather skirt. Take down those pants, let me see what I do to you. I kind of like having my dirty boy's cock all hard for me...hmmmmm...come be mommy's naughty leather lover! Put that dirty cock inside my wetness and let me feel you. You've been fantasizing about this and now it's happening, do you like my soft leather on your body? Look how wet I'm getting, you can see my cum drip out all over! Don't you dare pull out, you're going to give mommy every drop of that dirty boy cum inside her vagina baby