JOI Spend your Wifes Money Sensual

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I know you will do ANYTHING to please Me right? Even though we've already maxed out your credit cards and drained your savings account. You know I deserve everything I desire and I know you want to grant my every wish. . Today we are going to spend your wife's money on Me. Giggling. Don't worry I am going to make you feel good too. I'm so good to you aren't I? Your wife won't even know you've spent money on ME. Its easy.... I will show you how to use her credit card. You're going to be a naughty boy for Me right now and you are going to love every single second of it I promise! You will be pleasing Me and Pleasing yourself. Mmmmm how can you resist? Ha ha You cant! ***Clip Features: Sensual Jerk Off Instructions, Financial Domination, Cum Countdown, Money Fetish, Manipulation, Home Wrecker, Greedy, Brat Girl, Sensual Domination