Dating a Spolied Brat

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So, you want to date Me huh? You want to date a REAL BRAT? This is a Pre-warning on how its going to be. So you know exactly what you are going to get yourself into. I'm a handful! I'm such a brat and I make the rules. Everything is on my terms. Its ALL about ME. Its about when I want to do something where I want to go etc. I run the show. Your opinion doesn't matter. I will be spoiled and pampered. I'm just going to use you. for money, for sex, etc. But you already know that. You love how mean and cruel I am. I'm such a PRINCESS! It makes your cock hard. I'm so HOT it doesn't matter how Bitchy I am. I'm selfish, self absorbed and snobby and I am always thinking about Me. I don't care if I break your heart giggling. I am priority. I'm happy when I get my way. Sound good?