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Puppy Bambi Eats Out Mistress Denali!

1,880 5.0

Denali Winter

American / San Francisco
1,880 5.0
16:30 min - Jan 22 - .MP4 - 275.16 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Worldpeace deleted Oct 23 2016

Love this

OmegaRuby - Top reviewer Feb 3 2016
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What a great & sexy video. You Denali are an artist!

ddmac2597 Jan 26 2016
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These two are a great couple and super cute. Definitely will follow up for more vids.

Bambi and Denali are having a good time on their trip, but they haven't gotten in enough petplay! Puppy Bambi jumps on the bed, eager to play with their Mistress. Denali has their pup do a few tricks, including learning to play dead! Then they take off Bambi's panties and put in their pup tail butt plug, filling Bambi's ass up nice and full. Then it's time for some enthusiastic pussy eating! This video was shot with a tripod, first from a "hidden camera" angle, and then from next to the bed. It's our first hardcore video, so enjoy watching this 100% authentic queer porn!
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