My G Cups Own You and Drain Your Wallet


Maggie Green

American / USA
8:53 min - Jun 21 - .MP4 - 229.93 MB


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One look in your eyes and I can see everything. I know all about you and your extreme obsession with huge breasts. You'd do anything to get your hands on big natural tits just like mine, wouldn't you? You'd give everything just to feel a nipple, just to flick your tongue across it's pink hardness. I've got you now, right where I want you. On your knees, tit slave. My tits will control your world and your mind, making you give me anything that I ask for. I want everything...all of your money, every last cent. I'll take money right out of your bank account and use it for whatever I please..a new car, shopping sprees, vacations with my name it, I want it. And you'll eagerly give it to me, you can't say no to these amazing tits. You're helpless now, you belong to me...and so does your wallet
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