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Succubus Summoned Harley Haze

922 4.5

Harley Haze

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922 4.5
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azimyth Jun 27 2015
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A great, sexy pov succubus video. So many succubus role-play's are tease and denial or joi, not enough have a sexy costumed lady working a dick (simulated or not.)

I'd love to see future videos like this, especially if cum and dirty talk could somehow be worked into the equation :).

ReignOfSuperman - Top reviewer Apr 11 2017
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9/10 not even close to horrible let me say, VERY SEXY...VERY SENSUOUS. only problem is theirs no pop shot ending, and its obvious this vid appears to be cut, she says she wants to feel u inside her and then it just cuts to her more naked than before and now leaving, with this call me again next time thing. OUCH BLUE BALLS. COME ON LMAO! but i dont know, not sure this would ruin it for any other guy, but just a HEADS UP going in. Great blowjob skills, mm and the role play is jacked up to an 11, very hot. i think she has HOOVES? Ha, very cool..must've been a custom. Top Marks to Harley for the dedication. just some constructive criticism nothing bad. Succubus videos usually have more to do with brains guys of their cum or fucking them to death sort of thing, which we like. but hey this one not too shabby. LOVE the Fangs. ;)

rubiconman Jan 24 2017
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The scene really makes you think you've just woken up to a sexy, if not a bit unnerving and mystifying, demon coming into your room to take what she wants. The mannerisms and attitude Harley put into the character really worked well. My only wish would be that there were a part 2 or a longer version of this same scenario since it's not often someone really nails a succubus role play without making it over the top in a non-immersive or cartoonish way. Very convincing; would love to see more.

uncleminh Mar 5 2016
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An incredible video, if you're into demonic kinda things. Harley has done an incredible job of pretending to be a demon in this, and the look and feel of the whole video is really spot on. The role play, the lighting, the make up, the whole thing is really fantastic.

Kentaro_Ao Feb 27 2016
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Great video, makes me wish I could summon a succubus like in me bed

One should not toy with the unknown. POV Demon BJ 13:29 .mp4
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