Trixi_s Oral Obsession



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The Story: I can't help but to move my mouth. All the time, I'm doing something. I'm always chewing gum, sucking a lollipop, chewing pen tops, biting my lips or trying to stuff Dirk's cock in my mouth. I think I have a nice mouth. I love my tongue and I hear it's pretty talented. It feels so nice to have my lips tracing an object, to tease it with my tongue! Ugh, my mouth is watering just writing this! Enjoy as I share with you some fun. Sucking on a lollipop, curling my tongue, licking my lips, and even getting some closeup blowjob action- I love making it explode on my tongue! In The Video: Oral fixation, lollipop, sucking, blowjob, oral, tongue, licking, lips