Fetish Friday

Oral fixation

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American / Wonderland
155 5.0
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mick505 May 21
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She knows how to please with her mouth and tongue! Such a naughty little tease!

rbiggs85 - Top reviewer Jan 14 2017
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Too Sexy...A must buy for all

aj31986 - Top reviewer Nov 6 2016
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perfect mouth!

I want to tease you with my mout, tongue and lips. You are put into a trance by each one, They perk your interests and make your senses start to tingle. As I trace my finger along my lips and tongue you keep wanting more. Tags: amateur, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, oral fetish, oral fixation, lip fetish, fetish, girl next door, brunette, amateur, dirty talk, nerdy girl, non-nude, pov, feitsh