SWEET JANE 18 year old takes facial


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
18:32 min - Feb 20 - .MP4 - 1.07 GB


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18-year-old SWEET JANE holds a globe and explains how her travels have taken her to England, Scotland, and Spain. She strips out of a tight top and jean skirt to show off her matching bra and panty set. Her thong beautifully flosses her ass cheeks and she models her shaved pussy and asshole. She goes down to her knees and sucks me from soft to hard. She has a boyfriend of 2 months but he doesn't know what she doing today. The oldest man she has been with to date is 40. Ball licking and cock worship precede a facial, which manages to stay out of her left eye due to its thickness. She giggles and smiles, not weirded out by the 23-year gap in our ages.
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