Freebie Tuesday

Pee Desperation


Piper Kush

Canadian / Canada
9:49 min - Feb 20 - .MP4 - 313.00 MB


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Piper's been at the gym and raced to get home! She really needs to pee but her very long winded friend calls her. She really tries to get off the phone, at first she's patient but really starts loosing it the more she has to pee! Standing in the shower juuusssstttt in case she starts to squirm and wriggle but before long has to hang up the phone... but it's too late! She pees in her light grey yoga pants soaking the crotch and both legs! She has to peel them off and she's so upset with herself and mad at her friend for keeping her on the phone! She takes off her soaked wet panties and wrings out her clothes before rinsing off in the shower and plans how to cover up her accident!