The Joker

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Piper Kush

Canadian / Canada
52 5.0
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My goodness, who knew the Joker could be so sexy. I love the enthusiastic role play as well as all the nerdy references. I like the teasing and the building up of the sexiness through out the video. The Joker makes you crave more. I may not be Batman, but Batgirl sure enjoyed some cock riding. The make-up, which I absolutely adore, and background are also awesome! Highly recommend for any DC comic fan as well as any fan of cosplay with awesome role playing.

polarmagick - Top reviewer Feb 24 2016
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Ok I'm not a big batman fan, but for this video I overlooked it. Piper put a great sexy twist on how to defeat the bad guy. Some good one liners in this one.

The Joker has an offer for Batman - get me off and I go back to Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. If not, I'll destroy your precious Gotham! We fuck, I ride your cock vehemently and suck your cock before I cum and take your bat-load! My appetite is sated enough to return to my cell willingly. Lots of awesome references to bat caves and utility belts for my fellow nerds to enjoy