Prove You Want It - HD

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I called you into the office today because, do you know why? Really no idea? Come on now. I caught you in the bathrooms masturbating. Don't try to deny it! I'm not the only one who has seen! Since I blackmailed you and took your money you have been a huge pervert! Look at you getting hard right now. What the hell is wrong with you!? You are such a loser. Open that phone up and go send me a huge transfer. Dont try to say no to me, do it! What are you going to do, have another wank at the toilets like a loser! All the guys in the office laugh at you. What are you telling that wife of yours, I am sure she is noticing all this cash missing? You will have to pick up overtime to send me even more. I am going to take 50% of your wages and all your overtime cash. I don't care if you don't like it. Now send it over and remember next time you are in the bathroom jerking that cock that someone will report it to me and Ill tax you even more loser! - Mikaela