Smoking Arousal Deepener

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Custom resell. Follow up to Smoking Obedience Deepener. It’s that double edged sword, that the word sleep makes me aroused, but does put me deeper. In this one, can you please weave the word sleep in more and more, in whatever way you like. With the intention of keeping me deep under and going ever deeper, every time you utter the word. So that when I do get aroused, you still keep me in that deep trance. Please too, would you increase the amount of blowing the smoke in to my face? Again, using a joint this end. Things that would get me to that elusive HFO, would be whispering/teasing over the fact that your repeated use of the word sleep and your inhaled and exhaled smoke, arouse me and take me deeper. The fact that you’re dr*gging me and there’s nothing I can do about it. Even if I could I wouldn’t want to! Telling me to give in, allow, surrender, go with it and allow you to take me under. Towards the end, when it nears that critical point, as you put me further and further under, c
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