Fetish Friday

Nothing is Safe from Sydney part III



American / Seattle
14:12 min - Feb 21 - .MP4 - 911.08 MB


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After robbing the couple's bank account and business assets, Sydney the Burglar moves hubbie and wife to the lounge where she makes sure all the ropes are tied properly. She gropes both Lily's boobs and Miles' dick and double checks her rope work. Next stop: the bedroom. Miles is already on the bed and Sydney secures Lily's hands to make sure she won't be able to undo her ropes. She pushes Lily on the bed next to her husband. Both helpless and hog tied and at the mercy of Sydney, who pulls out her phone and makes arrangements for someone to come pick up the couple. Before heading out, she clears out the wall safe and with her signature "shhhhh" motion, she leaves the couple behind. The End!
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