Repeat After Me JOI


Lindsey Leigh

American / Colorado
10:26 min - Feb 21 - .MP4 - 207.96 MB


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Its been a while since you've pumped that cock for me. I know you miss it. How many hours has it been now since you last fantasized about me? Anything over and hour is too long. Repeat after me, "Please Goddess Lindsey let me jerk my cock for you" Again and again until I believe you and allow you the pleasure. Repeat after me, "Please can I move closer to your perfection?" No, no you can't. Sit still and slowly pump your cock for me. Up and down, I will come closer to you when I want you on the edge. Pump faster as I move closer. "Repeat after me, please may I cum for you Miss Lindsey?" The minutes pass before I acknowledge your question. You sit on the edge shaking, dripping pre cum. How will goddess milk you this time?