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Mouthsoaping Hair washing roommate fight



American / Florida
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Quin has been washing dishes and cleaning up after her lazy roommate for too long. When Raquel strolls into the kitchen with a dirty cup and tells her that she "forgot one," Quin decides that it is the last straw. She grabs Raquel by her hair and crams the soapy sponge she had been using to wash dishes into Raquel's bratty mouth! Quin scrubs her tongue with the rough side of the sponge and makes her gag on bubbles, Raquel begs her forgiveness. Quin will not be swayed so easily. She proceeds to fuck Raquel's mouth with her dish washing gloves making the once bratty roommate cry and gag on soap bubbles. Raquel will think twice before asking Quin to clean another dish. After allowing her bratty roommate, Raquel, to rinse out her mouth Quin decides that she really needs to make this lesson stick. Quin grabs the moving faucet and drenches Raquel's head with freezing cold water, "Your mouth isn't the only thing that's dirty," Quin says putting shampoo into her gloved hands and lathering up Raquel's hair. She pulls Raquel up out of the sink and roughly drags her fingers all over her roommate's head. Raquel cries and begs Quin to stop. The blonde pushes her head back into the sink, salon style, facing up to rinse her head only to start the whole process all over again. Scrubbing her scalp, soaking her clothes, scolding her for being such a messy roommate. MOUTH SOAPING - HAIR WASHING - GLOVES - HAIR PULLING - WET LOOK - SPITTING - FEMALE DOMINATION Featuring Raquel Roper and Miss Quin
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