Skys 500 Stroke Challenge!

600 5.0


American / The Cosmos
600 5.0
20:55 min - Feb 21 - .MP4 - 1.05 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Master Edging - Top reviewer Dec 25
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Nice video, the best part of this video (and your other videos) SchuylarWitch is when you look straight at the camera with your beautiful face and count the strokes ! I love your pretty face and sexy body. You can tease me anytime with more sexy stroke Challenge videos ! I beat this video quite easily, sorry, I'm the Master of Edging ! Master Edging love you a LOT and your SEXY videos, you can raise the challenge even more ! Thanks SchuylarWitch you are the BEST !

thank you Master of Edging<3

this video was heavily inspired from an XXX JOI game video I watched! I had to re-create it to see who can beat my 500 stroke challenge! I start by encouraging you with hand movements and my tits, then I strip and order you to cum to my own strokes with a toy until we cum together (if you beat the challenge!) ;)
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