Quiet Orgasm While Visiting My Family

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Alyssa Reece

Canadian / Vancouver
579 5.0
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Pingguy2938 - Top reviewer Feb 22 2016
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The silent movie era is back In this great video Alyssa plays with herself until she cums. You can use your imagination on what she might be saying.. The beautiful Alyssa shows you how to do it when your grandma might be in the other room.. This is also a great download when your wife or girlfriend is in the bedroom and you need to wack off... Trust me only your dog will know in this quiet video

Alyssa Reece Feb 23 2016

hahaha my dogs always know about sex stuff!!:)

drowninggirl Feb 22 2016
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Do Not check your sound. Alyssa really is visiting family and she really does have to be absolutely silent. After 4 days of trying to be a good girl, she just can't take it anymore and sneaks away. Taking the risk she was so horny it's incredible she remembered to be stay silent during her orgasm. But nothing can take away from those amazing features and looks her face makes.

A bit quick but o-so-well worth it. This is a special one.

Alyssa Reece Feb 22 2016

Haha I really had to concentrate on making sure I was quiet, but i came so hard!!:)

Terott Oct 22 2016
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Parents are home. Silent pretty orgasm

I have been visiting and staying with my family for 4 days and I REALLY needed to cum! So I said that I had to write an email and went into my room and started to play with my nipples and pussy. I was so horny that I came so hard within minutes of using my fingers to play with my clit. I was scared that I would get caught but I was SO horny!! I had to be really really quiet though!!
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