Yoga Booty Appreciation

737 5.0

Nadia Layne Yoga

American / Texas
737 5.0
9:29 min - Feb 21 - .WMV - 167.54 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Bigbadmike22 - Top reviewer Oct 25
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Enjoy the views of a glorious ass! First in yoga pants that fit just right. Then off they go, to see a thing nestled between those amazing cheeks. Then that comes off and we are treated to view after view of those glorious holes in various positions. If you are a fan of ass, this is for you!!

Tresidential - Top reviewer Mar 4
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This lady is perfect, her movements are perfect! Unlike a lot of yoga pants videos her pants fit perfectly, and her ass couldn’t be more lovely. I’d bite those cheeks through the screen if I could. I love this one so much I’m gonna buy a lot more of her stuff. Take notes ladies..THIS is how it’s supposed be done!

Showcases the booty in a variety of yoga poses. It starts with high-waisted yoga pants that slowly come off to reveal a black thong which also comes off. This is the quintessential yoga butt video
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