Fuck Me And Smell My Dirty Socks Part 2

32 5.0

Greta Noir

American / USA
32 5.0
15:20 min - Feb 22 - .WMV - 100.44 MB - 640x480


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MoeDoe Mar 5 2016
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Greta is a fucking goddess!!! Another orgasmic video that made me cum nonstop! Lots of foot/sock fetish play with awesome views, and not to mention the dirty talking which seals the deal. :)

Custom: I start off in my yoga pants and let you admire my ass! I get on the bed and ask you to smell my ass and then show you my dirty socks. I ask if you want to smell them too and then tell you to fuck me. I strip naked except for my dirty socks. Watch as I fuck myself with my dirty socks in view, telling you to smell them as you fuck my pussy. I turn on my side and fuck myself before turning over and pulling off one of my socks and smell it as I cum.