Freebie Tuesday

Vickys pressure against your balls


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
8:14 min - Feb 22 - .MP4 - 482.58 MB


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THIS IS A CUSTOM CLIP, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR OWN CUSTOM VIDEO. RealVickyVixxx @ P.O.V. verbal video of you standing, hair pulled back, black lipstick, topless, appearing for the entire video in one locked, continuous closeup framed from just beneath your breasts to the top of your head, speaking straight to camera in a Russian accent. The tone of the video is of an intimate, sensuous seduction. You're in complete control, a strong woman of agency, but your behavior and demeanor entirely aims to arouse and gratify. Within the reality of the scenario, you're standing face to face with me, very closely, I'm backed against a wall, and we're both completely nude. You talk me through what you do and what happens. First, you press your knee against my balls, applying pressure. After that, your closed fist applies pressure to my balls. And finally, you grip my balls with your hand, tightening your grip until I climax.
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