StepMom Sex Ed


Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
18:11 min - Feb 22 - .MP4 - 259.14 MB


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You walk in on your stepmom, your da d's younger hot new wife, she's only been around for a few years but you've never walked in on her like this! She's wearing skimpy lingerie, playing with her big breasts and masturbating!! You watch for awhile until she catches you standing there. She apologizes and asks you to come sit down with her. She'd love it if you two had more of a connection- why don't you let her tell you about sex? She can teach you so many things, and she gets so lonely with your d ad at work all the time. She'd love to make a bond with her new son, so let's start now! Let her teach you all about the woman body by showing you how to stimulate breasts, and showing you how a woman masturbates! She even let's you masturbate with her.... Hopefully you'll have sex ed all the time now!
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