Watching Me Masturbate With Daddy Talk

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2,383 5.0
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KeiiRoyal27 Sep 10 2016

Did you strip off your clothes in this video?

zakk24 Jun 7 2017
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She is always perfect, always stunning, always sexy.

KeiiRoyal27 - Top reviewer Feb 20 2017
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I love it creamy!!

PlasticPaddy1982 Jul 16 2016
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If you're a dirty old perv like me, you'll love hearing the beautiful AshleyBlossom call you daddy while getting herself all hot and creamy. Don't take my word for it buy and enjoy.

Pichu710 Mar 8 2016
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God her voice is so arousing. She really gets into it, begging for daddy, and telling you exactly what she wants. I've watched this 5 times and it still gets me turned on.

Volume is low and it freezes for 25 seconds at the beginning, I apologize!* We're goofing off and laughing. You turn on the video and ask me to masturbate in front of you. I laugh and you tell me you're serious. Then you tell me you want me to call you daddy. I hesitate but do it anyways. I finish with a nice creamy orgasm
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