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1,533 5.0
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juliesfriendgaz Feb 22 2016

A very special lady with phenomenal natural beauty and an amazing personality to go with it, always fun and never ceases to amaze, one in a million and totally mind blowing, this gorgeous maid is perfect xxxxx

BOBSAGOT - Top reviewer May 30
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Before you scroll by this video please realize you don’t need to have a kink for French maids in order to love this one. Actually after watching Ms. Julie Red’s performance there is an actual likelihood you may end up hiring a maid desperately hoping to find one like her. Seriously though Julie really makes this vid something special, her beautiful face looks even more innocent with the thick glasses and the pulled back hair. Her sultry maid outfit showing off her lovely luscious, curves. Her soft, pale breasts pouring out from the white outer frills of her slutty outfit creating cleavage beyond your wildest dreams. You will grow hard at the mere sight of this woman I promise and once she starts doing what she does best you will realize why this video is so amazing.
From the moment Julie pulls out her huge natural melons and squeezes them around that big hard dildo you will notice she really knows what she is doing. The way her breasts make contact around the entire shaft, her emphasis on ensuring it is lubricated properly by sucking it off so perfectly, the lovely myriad of bouncing, squeezing, shaking and kneading teachniques she performs. This maid really knows how to work her tits around a cock guys and she will definitely make you blow a big fat load all over her huge natural knockers.
For 3.99 how could you pass up on such delightfully sexy video? Seriously it’s worth every penny and better than many videos 10 times it’s cost.

Beans_Franken - Top reviewer Sep 27 2017
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Fantastic role play! I need a maid like this!!

Slutty maid takes care of her Master's morning wood
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