Fetish Friday

White Panty Stuffing


Morgana DelRay

American / The Abyss
10:00 min - Feb 22 - .WMV - 147.02 MB


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I'm so hot and worked up after a day of camming with no release that I begin to rub myself through my lacy, white, bikini panties. I soon become so turned on that I have to remove them and begin to masturbate but I soon realize that my glass dildo just doesn't provide me with the feeling of fullness that I crave so I stuff every bit of my pretty panties deep in my pussy, really taking the time to enjoy the sensation. Mmm this feels so good that I have to add the dildo to the mix again and alternate between rubbing my stuffed pussy and using the dildo when finally I slowly pull the panties out, savoring the feeling.
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