The Giantess Ate My Village



American / Seattle
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Giantess Sydney wiped out a whole village clean by swallowing all the villagers. Celebrating way too early, she then starts to smell the scent of a human, hiding somewhere near her foot. Annoyed and quite surprised, the giantess starts to threaten the human who got away. Fortunately, she spots and taunts him, making it seem like he was excited to see his family inside of her massive belly. She slowly picks him up, giving him a full view of her enormous calves, thighs, belly, breasts, and finally, her mouth. She teases him with her lips saying, "I bet you taste good, just like the rest of your clan. I want to taste you so bad, human." She laughs sadistically, causing his ears to almost blow. After t0rturing him to what seemed like an endless throat and mouth experience, she places him on the tip of her tongue and finally swallows him. "Say hi to your family for me!" she says. *GULP* and there he goes, down the giant's belly ready to reunite with his family.
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