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Topless Giantess Talks Using You in POV

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A smoking hot blonde topless giantess has a hold of you and in your POV looking up at her she tells you how it will be in reality. She knows you have always wondered what would happen if she were to shrink you and now she is going to tell you in great detail. As she talks to you her giantess big tits move as she gets more an more animated. She tells you that she would keep you in her panties all day and all night. You would simply be an experiment of sorts. Should she be sitting someplace she might just wiggle around on you so you can feel her, and she can feel you. Your only function would be to serve her. She would keep you wet with her pussy juices too. She promises as she showers you will remain in her dirty panties. She does tell you too that being in her pussy is s privileged, though you will not thinks so. Most of all she wants you to know that she can do with you what she wants. At any point in time she may get bored with you or grow hungry and then eat you alive. She talks in great detail how you might fight and struggle as you go down into her belly, but in the end you will be digested and finally shit out. She realizes that you have seen her before as a giantess and that you say you want this, but she knows better. She knows you are terrified and she lets you know that your fear is going to be more than warranted as she takes her giantess pleasures with you in any number of ways she sees fit. Included in this clip: Giantess, Shrink Fetish, POV Giantess, Big Tits, Topless, Blonde Giantess, Mean Giantess, Fantasies
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