Freebie Tuesday

Whitney real wetting her jeans



Canadian / Las Vegas
10:04 min - Feb 23 - .WMV - 163.62 MB


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Whitney is stumbling down the hallway & super desperate to pee, wearing a tank top, tight blue flared jeans and open toed sandals as she's trying to find her keys. She finally finds them & bursts through the door but the bathroom is occupied! She's moaning, grabbing her crotch & getting very increasingly frantic. She lifts up her tank top se you can see how bloated she is from a very overfull bladder. She's about to leak into her panties soon!! It's coming out & she can't stop it! You see the wetness spreading at her butt and then a front shot of her peeing her jeans still... with the hot pee dripping off her jeans cuffs and onto her freshly pedicured feet & toes in her open toed sandals. Nice pooling of the pee on the floor & some great back shots of her soaking pissy wet jeans. Nice super fun behind the scenes showing off her pissy wet VS Pink cotton panties in the boy briefs style. Hope you enjoyed seeing Whitney Morgan female depsperation omorashi and jeans wetting