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stevenethan Jan 30 2017
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Best p0ppers video out there... her ass is mesmerizing and she instructs you perfectly with clear commands when to sniff. Really gets you fucked up in just 3 minutes, I highly recommend. Only downside is this is her only poppers video, I'd kill for another one from her.

Between the int0xicating beauty of my perfect ass and a constant demand to snort from your bottle approximately every 20 seconds, this is an intense ride. You quickly fall into a mindless trance, mesmerized by my bewitching body, unforgiving orders, and your p0pper addiction. There is no time to even take a break in this relentless barrage on the senses. Just ass, snort, stroke, repeat, in a delirious pattern of fast, instant pleasure. You are to SNORT every time you hear the word 'SNIFF.' NO EXCEPTIONS.
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