Fetish Friday

Didnt your mother tell you not to hold

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
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Wynter has Molly over after they've been at the goth club. Wynter takes out an Ouija board and pendulum, asking Molly if she wants to play. Molly is worried, how safe could this be?! Wynter say it's fine, she's got holy water, a bible and a crucifix just in case. The girls nervously laugh, Molly finally agrees. It's all fun and games.... until Molly is thrown around, thrashing... She's possessed!!! Wynter tries everything, spraying holy water, trying to burn the crucifix into Molly's skin but nothing works- the demon laughs through Molly's body & has her in it's complete control! The demon soon sets it's eyes on Wynter, making Molly wrap her hands around Wynter's throat.
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