Magicfun while he is resting

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2,110 5.0
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martinb244 - Top reviewer May 23 2016
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She starts by rubbing herself over her panties and pulling on her nipples. Then she uses the Hitachi Wand on herself for the rest of the video. Her moaning was the best part of the video. The noise of those fairly loud wands always detracts from the video, but not enough that I didn't enjoy watching it.

SadLard - Top reviewer Feb 8 2017
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Damn, that's a hot bod.

peecee2 - Top reviewer Oct 25 2016
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Enjoyable reactions and I like that it's neither nude nor non-nude. :)

Last night was crazy but it wasn't enough for me, so I decided to be an early bird and have some fun with my favorite toy. I was still so horny from yesterday. I needed to cum.