Hubby Takes It


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
11:52 min - Jun 20 - .MP4 - 947.43 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Olivia Rose is really annoyed because yet again her husband decides laying down is more important than her date night. She nudges him awake, getting him to respond to her and telling him that there is only one way to make it up to her. He gets all excited until he finds out that she is going to make him take it in the ass or suffer no sex for a month. He reluctantly says yes, which puts a huge smile on her face. He is a totally whiny bitch about it, seeming that he is begrudgingly being made to take it in the ass. She even lets him get on top to start so as to ease him into it. He whines the whole time, even when she decides to spoon hi. She grows tired of his complaints and decides to leave him there with a sore ass and a bruised ego.
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