Double Foot Dynamo


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
8:29 min - Apr 05 - .MP4 - 535.38 MB


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Olivia Rose wants to welcome Kandy Kink to her hometown of Las Vegas in high fashion. She perused the strip for a lucky slave she caught staring at her feet and presented him to candy as their foot bitch for the day. Olivia makes him get on his knees and clean their heels and lick their feet. The slave is made to clean off their feet after walking all over the strip. He is in foot bitch heaven, with all four feet right in front of him. He takes all their shoes off and continues to lick and clean all of their barefeet, making sure they are massaged with both tongues and hands.He just loves how their feet taste. He is in for a fun treat, worship and being Kandy and Olivia's foot bitch for the day