Maya does anal for the FIRST time



Moldovan / Romania
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My name is Maya, I am very open minded and this year I started filming porn. My photographer helped me put together a site, and he also is my male partner for our porn movies. After we did some regular, "normal" sex scenes, I had the idea to start doing anal sex scenes. He confirmed to me that many men would love to see this kind of scenes, and it is very pleasant for them ;) So, the last shooting I did, I went straight to him and asked him to fuck my ass :) He started to laugh but he couldn't refuse of course. Well, all good. I did a quick enema, and I was ready. After a deep blowjob he was ready as well. He fucked my ass really well. After that, he was curious why wasn't it hurtful for me, and he started to ask me if I ever did anal before. I haven't. Not on a shooting, but I did anal with my boyfriend, of course :)
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