Dropped Cocoa Powder Vacuuming

10:27 min - Feb 23 2016 - .MP4 - 354.40 MB


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In only a pink panties and my pink gloves i am cleaning in the kitchen.I have dropped some cocoa powder on the floor and vacuum the powder from the floor. Oops, i see i have some powder on myself! I pass the vacuum hose on my body to get the powder of. I then play with my panties and try to pull them down with the suction. I can feel the air already passing my clit and help my panties off. I start playing good with my pussy pulling my lips down. I need to have an orgasm so i start playing with my clit. Ah that feels so good, it is so powerfull and i have an orgasm. I know i have to get back to cleaning, but i am a bit dizzy after cumming and need to remind myself i was doing house chores.
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